was founded in early 1999 by Jim Sweeney. As a teenager, Jim began a landscaping business near his home in the Wisconsin Dells region. The many resorts in the area were interested in a tropical theme, and Jim delivered. The installation of these trees was a small part of Jim’s business in Wisconsin as he honed his skills in custom landscape design and installation.

In 1992, Jim moved to the Twin Cities and founded Mom’s Landscaping & Design, a distinguished landscaping company located in the Southwest Metro area. Many people Jim talked to in the Twin Cities commented on the uniqueness of the Palm trees they saw in his portfolio. As interest built, Jim decided that Minnesota was ready for palms and was born.

At our main focuses are quality and customer services. We want our customers to be happy, and we are dedicated to our goal. As a subsidiary of Mom’s Landscaping and Design, our main business is quality, custom landscaping. The reputation for craftsmanship, unique design, beauty, and service that Mom’s Landscaping & Design has built carries over into the heart of